Thursday, February 2, 2012

'Dem Bones

Today I was making lunch when Beaver started calling to me.  "Mommy!  Come in the living room and see the dinosaur bone!"  Being the attentive parent that I am, I responded, "Okay, I'm coming." and then went right on with what I was doing in the kitchen.  He continued calling, and I told him I would come as soon as I got his lunch ready.  I asked him to bring the dinosaur bone to me, but he said he couldn't.  I had to come see it in the living room.  After some minutes, I reached a stopping point and went into the living room.  This is what I found:

 Had I known there was an actual dinosaur bone on the living room rug, maybe I would have hurried a little faster.

I never before realized how cute a dinosaur bone could be.


Fran said...

"Dem dry bones"

kelsey said...

So funny and cute.

And now it's time for another post.