Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Birthday Boy

Happy 9th birthday to my first and honored son today!

We are so happy to have this boy in our family.  
He was hoping for a Nerf gun for his birthday.  He got it.

I tried the chocolate chip cookie cake idea again.

Opening the card from Ben & Brooke that happened to arrive today.  Good timing!

It was an awesome treasure map card.  Inside - a pirate treasure chest with two Sacajawea coins!  He was delighted!  B & B, which of you made the card?  I love it!

From Grandma & Grandpa: A bear sling-shot for Bear!

I've said it before, I'll say it again.  How do these kids grow up so fast?!

A few things about Bear as we celebrate 9 years:  Bear is a joy to have in our home.  He is intelligent, curious, intense, passionate, and energetic.  He can be reserved at times, so people often think he is quiet, but we know better!  One thing that I have always admired about Bear is that he is interested in so many different things and loves to learn about many subjects.  Whether it is art, music, science, nature, machines, mechanics, or computers, he is happy to learn about it and share what he learns with anyone who is willing to listen.  That said, when he is into something, he is really into it.  From age two until about six, it was trains.  Around age six, he discovered Pokemon, and the next three years were all about Pokemon.  Just the past few months, his interests have begun to diverge.  He loves to read, and has recently been reading the How to Train Your Dragon series, as well as Harry Potter.  Nerf guns and other weapons are another recent interest.  He really enjoys math, and came home from school a couple of days ago all excited about triangles, because they are beginning to do some geometry.  The only subject in school that he doesn't really like is writing.  He has a hard time slowing himself down and writing legibly.  He has never been that into sports, although he would willingly play if the opportunity arose, but lately he has even been getting more interested in various sports and is enjoying learning new things in his PE classes.

Bear loves playing with his friends, and so far he is still just as happy to play with girls as with boys.  I have been waiting for this to change for a few years now, but I'm beginning to think maybe it isn't going to.  Some of his best friends are girls, and I think it's great that he is so unconcerned about it.  He has even mentioned to me that he has been teased, but it hasn't seemed to bother him, and since he doesn't let it get to him, the teasing doesn't last.

I don't have so many digital pictures of baby Bear, and the ones I have aren't great quality, but we'll see what we can do.  Bear through the years:

My precious baby Bear

2nd birthday

Even now, he still loves to snuggle!

3rd birthday


 4th birthday
(eating his favorite food for breakfast - refried beans and cheese)

5th birthday

6th birthday

 The 7th and 8th birthday pictures were out of order in my files and I didn't feel like hunting them up , but he hasn't changed all that much since then!

Happy Birthday, Bear!  We sure do love you!


kelsey said...

Awwwww. I remember the 6th birthday picture like it was yesterday. They do grow up fast. Loved hearing all about him and his interests. He reminds me a lot of my first and honored son--just substitute cars for trains and you could be writing about Wister.

Here's to another happy year, Bear!

Mrs. Mike said...

I take back what I said. I just compared the 6th birthday picture with the 9th birthday picture, and wow, he looks so much older now! Waaaahhhh!!!!

Fran said...

Do you have any close up pictures that show those adorable freckles?

Samantha said...

I am so terrible with birthdays, geez. I'm so sorry I missed it. Happy birthday Luke. We love you. We miss you. Zara adores you and can't wait to see you. I have loved seeing you grow up.

Jeanne said...

Luke really IS growing up - And he is still what I have always observed him to be - one TERRIFIC boy in all the ways you have described. Happy 9th year, Luke!