Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back to School

Actually Bear went back to school three weeks ago, but I am having a problem with blogger not recognizing photos in iphoto until they have been there for a couple of weeks, and then they suddenly show up.  If you know why this is happening, please enlighten me.

Off to the first day of Grade 4!

So far, so good.  Bear really likes his teacher, and I was pretty impressed by her at the parent meeting last week.  She comes from New Zealand and tells the kids funny stories about growing up with four brothers - like once she was mad at her brother and ended up inadvertently breaking both his arms - so of course the kids think she is awesome.  

Beaver started back into preschool, too, but apparently I didn't think that a big deal because I didn't even consider taking a picture until just now when I realized that he went back to school too, and I don't have a picture of it.

It came to my attention recently that Bear remembers bringing home the puppy we got when he was three years old.  He really does remember, because he told me about driving in the car with the puppy in a crate.  He remembers the puppy, but he doesn't remember when we brought Beaver home from the hospital when he (Bear) was almost five.  It seems a puppy is more significant in my child's life than a little brother.

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Fran said...

He was so good to "Johnny" when he was a caretaker.