Sunday, March 2, 2014


We all know how quirky Beaver is when it comes to food.  Here is one example.  He doesn't eat his toast by taking bites of it.  He tears it in piece and eats the middle, then lines the outer edge of his plate with the crusts.  When he is left with only crust, he squeezes ketchup in the middle of his plate and finishes off the toast - dipping the crusts in ketchup.  It is an improvement upon eating his whole piece of toast with ketchup, if you ask me.


Fran said...

It's like playing with your food before you eat it only it's tidy.
Good job Beaver.

christy said...

I also like to eat the middle first. It's the best. But I don't eat it with ketchup. Butter and Jam for me. :)

kelsey said...

Definite improvement. Someday you will miss all the quirks like crazy. I think. I hope. That's what I keep telling myself about my children.