Monday, August 18, 2014

Home Again

We are home from what may be our final home leave trip.  I have decided that being gone six weeks is optimal.  At eight weeks, this trip seemed a little too long.  Our final week was pretty relaxing, though.  We were back on the farm and we just spent the week helping Dad with farm work.  And by we, I mean mostly Mike.

Bear helped too.

Beaver was actually staying as far from the work as he thought he could get away with.

  Which was maybe good, since he didn't quite have the hang of how the ear protectors worked.

Bear got to practice his driving skills on various vehicles this year.

And Beaver got to practice his fire-making skills.

Speaking of Beaver - he did quite a bit of growing up this summer.  He has stopped sucking his thumb, is well on his way to learning to swim, and by the time we left Idaho he could get on the trampoline by himself.  Getting on the trampoline isn't a big deal for some kids, but for Beaver it was, and he mastered it at last!

Now we are home.  Sad to leave, glad to be back.  

I was really happy to see my mini van.  Mike and I get strangely attached to our cars.

On to another year!

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