Saturday, September 20, 2014


Monday was a national holiday, so we took advantage of the lovely September weather and drove straight north to the Japan Sea.

This is Amanohashidate - one of the three beautiful sights of Japan.  If you ask me, there are a lot more than three beautiful sights, and I'm not at all sure this makes my personal top three list, but that's what the Japanese travel folks say, and it was nice.  The Japanese travel folks also say you're supposed to look at it upside down, and then the sandbar looks as if it is a bridge going up to heaven.

At the top of the ropeway, of course, is one of Japan's ubiquitous amusement parks.

After viewing from above, we walked down to the sandbar itself, which has some lovely beach for playing in the water.  Mike's Japanese teacher told him later that the reason none of the Japanese people were in the water was because there are jellyfish this time of year.  Whoops.

We walked along the sandbar a bit, but didn't make it all the way to the other side.  I like this picture because, as usual, Beaver was lost in an imaginary world as we walked.  I'm sure his actions here indicate some kind of battle being waged.

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Fran said...

It DOES look like a bridge to heaven if you look at it upside down! Did you eat fresh fish while you were there from one of the great fisheries of the world?