Sunday, June 14, 2015

More goodbyes....

Teachers, classmates, and friends.

Beaver and his grade 1 teacher.  He has felt so loved at this school!

Grade 6 graduation.  Yeah, I was rolling my eyes a little at the idea of a grade 6 graduation, but it was a very nice ceremony.  Grade 7 is when they enter upper school.  I hear that at our school back the in U.S., they have a big production for 8th grade graduation, so Bear gets to go through this again in two years!  Our kids have really had a wonderful school experience here, and we will really miss MBIS.

Bear and his buddies

More buddies

Bear's best friend and his family.  We went out to dinner at a Brasilian BBQ restaurant in Osaka after graduation.  A lovely family that we have really enjoyed getting to know.  They are returning to Brazil this summer.

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