Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Could someone please explain to me how two people like me (I can hardly even think of a food that I don't like) and Mike (who is willing to eat anything, even if he doesn't love it) ended up with a child like Beaver?

Tonight I made sloppy joes.  Beaver has never had them before and tears immediately began streaming down his cheeks when he saw his dinner plate.  I didn't feel up to battling him tonight, so I told him he didn't have to eat it.  Guess what he ate instead?  Leftover meatballs with ketchup.  Duh.

That child is going to drive me insane.  I know I talk about it all the time, but it makes me crazy.  Should I just give up?  It isn't so much that he won't eat healthy food.  He likes most fruits, a few veggies, bread, rice, and most dairy.  He certainly isn't malnourished.  I just like to try new things, and I get so frustrated when he freaks out about it.  I refuse to fix two meals every night.  Should I just give up my culinary interests until he is older?  What would you do if he was your kid?

So, Beaver ate meatballs with ketchup and a mandarin orange for dinner.  One of his orange sections dropped into his ketchup.  He got quite upset because he didn't want to eat it with ketchup.  I'm glad he draws the line somewhere.

I don't like natto.  There's one.

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christy said...

Avery is very opposed to new things as well so I tell him he likes it and has had it before but he just doesnt remember or tell him it's just like something else he likes. I usually end up making a deal with him to try at least a few bites and then he realizes he does like it and then he will finish it. He will try almost anything if I bribe him with ice cream. You could involve him in planning dinner so he has a good attitude about it by the time it's done and ready to eat. Anyway, keep trying, don't give up.