Friday, November 9, 2012


We had our Halloween last Saturday.  A little late, but that's the nice thing about living in a neighborhood that celebrates Halloween in a country that doesn't.  You can have Halloween on a Saturday when it's more convenient for everyone involved.  We carved our pumpkin Friday night.

Bear has been reading the Heroes of Olympus book series, so we came up with a Jupiter/Zeus costume for him.

Beaver had a knight costume that we bought at ToysRUs.  He seemed perfectly excited to wear it.  His preschool had a Halloween party earlier in the week where all the kids dressed up, but I missed the memo and had no idea.  So, when I showed up at school to pick him up, he was the only one not dressed up and he asked my why I didn't come to the party and bring his costume.  I felt so bad, but I thought that at least he could still wear it on Saturday.  Saturday came and the kids were anxiously waiting all day for 4:00, when the trick-or-treating would start.  At about 3:45, something happened in Beaver's mind and he refused to put on his costume or leave the house.  I don't know what  his problem was.  He just kind of freaked out.  I felt pretty frustrated because he is so stubborn and you just can't change his mind when he gets something in his head, but I suppose I shouldn't have minded that he didn't want to go load up on more candy.   

Here is Beaver's Halloween night - in tears on the sofa because he doesn't want to go trick-or-treating.

Bear and his army buddy stopping by our house for candy.

After the trick-or-treating we had a neighborhood street party.  An enjoyable evening for all.

A few little tidbits that have nothing to do with anything:

Lately Beaver loves to eat canned mandarin oranges.  He call them the "juicy, drippy oranges."  A few months ago his favorite breakfast was toast and ketchup, but lately he has been into french toast.  It's french toast with maple syrup for breakfast every morning.  I ask Bear what he wants for breakfast every morning, and he hems and haws and then says "toast and hot chocolate."  Every single morning. Even all through the hot summer.  My kids aren't into variety.

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Nice costume, Bear!