Sunday, December 23, 2012

More Christmas Festivities

We hosted our branch Christmas party at our house.  I roasted my first turkey, which turned out pretty well, and I think that everyone enjoyed the evening.  I was having more fun than it looks like in this picture, and Bear was not actually asleep at the table.

Beaver with our senior missionary elder - one of his favorite people.  He generally refers to him either as "Garth Vader" or "the other Superman" - names that have come of his pretend sword and light saber battles with Elder Dalling after church every Sunday.

And with his other two favorite people - two of the three youth in our branch.  Beaver and Bear were both having a fabulous time wrestling and playing chase with them.  They were the only kids at the party, so they had the teenagers all to themselves.

Bear at his school Christmas production.

Singing "War is Over" with his class.  He looks like such a big kid up there.  Sniff.

Beaver's Preschool Christmas party.  Perhaps you can tell by his expression that he was not very excited to be dressed up as a snowman.  He refused to put on his carrot nose.

But he was pretty happy to get a present!

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