Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tis the Season

Merry Christmas!

We had our community Christmas party at the clubhouse last Saturday.  Santa Claus was there to pass out a Christmas gift to each of the children.

Bear got the card game for which he has been asking for months. 

Beaver had been very nervous because he knew Santa would be there and he did not want to have to visit with him.  We assured him that he didn't have to sit on Santa's lap, but Santa was calling them up one by one to get their gifts.  We thought he would be okay if Mike took him, but he was rather terrified and crying. Then, after all the trauma of getting the present, he opened it and said in disappointment, "This is not what I asked for!"  He got a card game, too, but he had written a letter to Santa asking for a toy knight and dragon.  I had to remind him that this was just a small, early Christmas present and he still has a chance of getting the knight and dragon on Christmas.

Bear stayed home from school yesterday because he tripped and twisted his ankle as he was leaving school on Tuesday.  It was still hurting and he was having a hard time walking.  I felt very bad, because I have not been going to pick him up from the bus stop lately.  It has been getting cold and it is easier to just let him walk home with his friend rather than get Beaver bundled up and go to the bus.  So, he had to walk home with his injured foot and then when he got here the door was locked because I had forgotten to unlock it for him.  Poor Bear!  I think his foot will be alright.  He's still limping a bit, but it didn't stop him from avatar-style battling with Beaver and leaping off of our bed last night, so I figured he was okay to go back to school today.  I let Beaver stay home from preschool yesterday since his brother was home, and they played Pokemon so nicely together for much of the day.  I was quite happy with them, especially Bear, since how well they play largely depends on him simply because he is the oldest.  He doesn't always relish that responsibility, but he did very well with it yesterday.

We are hosting our branch Christmas party at our house on Saturday.  We asked people to RSVP since it is at our house so that we would know how many to plan for.  It didn't make much difference.  We have about 6 yeses and 13 maybes, so we still don't know how many to plan for.

I went to the store where I always buy shortening today for the sole purpose of buying shortening only to find that they no longer carry shortening.  I feel betrayed.

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kelsey said...

Haha. I love the picture of Beaver on Mike's lap on Santa's lap.