Friday, August 30, 2013

Growing up!

I haven't mentioned yet that Beaver lost his first tooth while we were at Grandma & Grandpa N's house!

We had noticed that it was a little loose, and I was surprised, and even a little concerned, because Bear didn't lose a tooth until he was seven!  Beaver tripped one day and knocked it even more loose, and then he spent the day just wiggling and working on it, until, as we were driving in the car in the evening, he announced calmly, "Now my tooth came out Mommy."  Sure enough.

He got 50 cents from the tooth fairy, but the tooth fairy sort of forgot the tooth and left it on the base of the lamp in our bedroom.  Sorry Mom and Dad.  It's a little gross that Beaver's tooth is probably still sitting there.

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Fran said...

Not gross at all! Cute little first tooth lost.