Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Wedding!

I'll get to Aspen Grove, but right now I'm jumping ahead to Jay and Leslie's wedding.  There was so much loveliness going on that day!

My lovely Mama and Auntie

My lovely brother and nephew

 My lovely sistahs (and auntie again)

My lovely son was happy Aunt Samantha happened to have a Nat Geo magazine for him to read while he waited for Jay and Leslie to come out of the temple.

Miss T's lovely fishy face.

When are they coming out?

The lovely couple!

While we were waiting outside, Beaver came up to me with a shy and slightly embarrassed little smile on his face and whispered in my ear (regarding Jay and Leslie), "Will they give kisses?"

Evidently the answer was yes.

My whole lovely family! (minus a few)

Leslie suddenly acquired several lovely nieces and nephews.

My lovely, uh, I mean manly, brothers

My lovely sis and my lovely self.

One final picture which I must add because it was such a significant moment.  Beaver ate strawberry shortcake at the wedding luncheon!  And liked it!  It may seem strange that I was so amazed by this, but if you know Beaver, it truly is amazing.  He loves strawberries - plain strawberries - but he almost never eats food that isn't familiar to him.  Even food that he likes, if it is served in a different way or mixed with other ingredients, he won't touch it.  I mean, he won't even try cookies other than chocolate chip.  I was sure that strawberries in a sauce, served on cake and with whipped cream on top, would be instantly rejected.  But he ate it up without pause and with no urging from anyone!  I could hardly believe it!  Bear, on the other hand, wouldn't try it.  It was, in fact, delicious strawberry shortcake, and I  wanted to eat Bear's but I thought I shouldn't be so greedy.

A lovely, lovely day!

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