Saturday, February 7, 2015

Beaver's Birthday Bash

We held Beaver's rescheduled birthday party yesterday.  The one good thing that came of his being sick on his birthday was that one friend that couldn't come last week was able to come yesterday.  We played with balloons, had a treasure hunt, decorated cupcakes, opened presents, and had birthday cake.  

This is me running after the gang, yelling "Watch for cars!  Watch for cars!"

They are a fun group of first graders.  Having seven of them at our house at once sure increased my admiration for their teacher at school!


Fran said...

Birthday seven with seven kids.....Heaven!

Brooke-Jean Newman said...

I always loved treasure hunts when I was younger! (Maybe I still do I just haven't done one for a decade or longer!) Looks like a lot of fun. My favorite picture is definitely the one where you are running after the kids! I can just see the moment in real-time! Happy Birthday, Beaver!