Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy Seventh Birthday, My Sunshine!

He asked for a chocolate cake that was all chocolatey.

This is as much of a smile as Daddy and I could coax out of him.

I caught this real smile as he was laughing at his brother by pretending to be taking a picture of the cake!

Beaver had a bummer of a birthday this year.  He threw up Tuesday night, had a high fever and was very sick and listless on Wednesday, a little better Thursday, but still a low fever, a little better Friday, but still no appetite and not himself.  Saturday, his birthday came around, and he had developed a bad cough and still wasn't eating much.  We cancelled his birthday party and took him to the doctor, where he was diagnosed with the flu and an ear infection.  Poor kid!  He didn't even want his birthday cake on Saturday, so we had cake and sang happy birthday to him tonight.  He's doing a little better every day, but he still tires easily and his appetite hasn't fully returned.  We rescheduled his party for this Saturday, but it's still a bummer, especially since he had a Saturday birthday this year!  Not that it really matters, but it seemed fun to be able to have your party on your actual birthday.

Bear has been very jealous and grouchy that Beaver has been able to miss so much school, but when I told him how the flu test is administered, he agreed he'd rather go to school.  Let's hope he doesn't catch it, too!  At least Beaver didn't know what was coming when he got to the doctor's office.

Seven years old!  Can't believe it.  My baby boy.  :(  We sure do love this sweet, snuggly, sensitive, self-conscious, dreamy, imaginative, obstinate kid!


Brooke-Jean Newman said...

Happy Birthday, Beaver! Being sick on your birthday is never fun. Glad he's starting to feel a little better now though!

Also, I cannot believe he's 7. Kids are growing up too fast!

kelsey said...

Cute! Happy birthday!!!

(Will was jealous about Teresa getting the flu and staying home from school, but then he got it and doesn't feel so jealous anymore.)

Fran said...

We sure do love him too!