Saturday, March 9, 2013

One Decade Old!

Hard to believe it has been TEN years since this delightful boy joined our family!  

Holding up his present from G&G

From Mom & Dad (with Beaver running to join the photo)

"Hey, this is my photo shoot!"

Ready to blow out his candles.

This one is for Grandma, because his freckles show up better.

Bear's birthday was on Thursday.  He requested tacos for dinner, and when Mike got home we had brownies and ice cream and he opened his presents.  His actual birthday was pretty low key.  All the excitement happened today at his party with friends.

Ten years ago we welcomed the cutest baby we had ever laid eyes on into this world.  He is growing up quickly, and is still the joy of our lives.  Bear is bright and curious.  He loves to read and to learn, although he isn't fond of homework!  In spite of not being fond of it, he is very responsible and usually gets his work done with minimal intervention from his parents.  He loves to play with friends and to play on his ipod that he bought off his dad.  He is affectionate and sensitive and easy to laugh with.  We are so glad he is part of our family!


kelsey said...

Oh, I miss that kid. You can tell him he'll always be about half a decade in my mind.

Fran said...

Oh yes! I love those freckles.