Thursday, June 23, 2011


A friend gave me these Japanese kid's summer clothes for Beaver.  I was touched, but I must admit that when I saw them I thought, "I am never going to have him wear those!"  I decided to at least try them on him, though, and once they were on, I thought they were adorable!  Bear even says he wishes he had some.  Beaver, however, doesn't ever want to wear them.  He is an interesting mix of incredible adaptability and tremendous resistance to change.  Pick up and leave him with the grandparents for a week, and he hardly even misses you.  Move him from his birthplace to the other side of the world - he barely blinks.  But try putting a new pair of shoes or clothes on because he's outgrown his, and you will be met with shrieks, protests, and often tears.  I'm hoping he warms up to this little outfit.  My Japanese friend told me it is nice and cool for the hot, humid summer that is rapidly descending upon us.
As for Bear, he is just practicing his ninja skills.  Oh, and we cut off his hair!  He wanted to keep the pile of hair and put it in his bed because it was soft.

On Saturday we went to a bird park.  It wasn't as great as I was hoping, but the boys did get to each hold a toucan on their arm.

I scraped the side of our van already.  That didn't take long.


Tim said...

Oh no! Is the van dented?
I hope Beaver gets used to his Japanese clothes because he sure looks cute in them.

kelsey said...

Ha. Love the observation about Bear's mix of adaptability and resistance. Charming.