Sunday, June 26, 2011


A Japanese friend told us about another fun park to visit.

We love all the ropes course type climbing structures at the parks in Japan.  So fun, but we doubt the US could ever get away with building such things because of liability concerns.  So, we're taking notes so that we can build them at our house when we return.

This park had a fun cycling park where you could try out all sorts of crazy cycling vehicles!

My surrey with the fringe on top.  Okay, no fringe, but still fun.

Maybe we'll trade in our MPV...

It was HOT on Saturday.  Muy atsui.  Take a look at Bear's face to see how hot it was.  Also, does anyone else think he looks like Jay in this picture?

Here's a strange observation on my attempts at learning Japanese.  The only other language I have studied is Spanish - two years in high school.  I'm sure we all know how much one gets out of two years of Spanish in high school. Not much.  But now, as I study Japanese, my mind keeps  reverting to Spanish.  It's like my subconscious mind can't help going back to the one other language it has ever attempted to learn.  So, instead of "doko desu ka?", I want to say "donde esta?".  Instead of "hai", I want to say "si".  And, since I don't know the word for "very" in Japanese, I say "muy atsui!" 


Fran said...

I know exactly what you're saying about learning a new language when your an adult. When trying to learn Spanish the French I learned in high school would pop up.
He does look like his Uncle Jay a bit but who in the world has had a cute freckled nose like his?
No one!

kelsey said...

Mini-Jay is right. Even after you prepped me with the caption that he looked like Jay, for a split second I thought I WAS looking at a picture of Jay from 15 years ago.

Did you ever have Senora Miller as a language teacher? She was famous for speaking 3 languages within one sentence.

William said...

I once encountered someone who didn't speak English at all, I don't remember the language they spoke, but it wasn't Japanese, and I actually said half a Japanese sentence to them before I caught myself. Luckily, they didn't seem to notice.

J said...

I am like William. If someone doesn't speak English my mind wants to speak Portuguese to them regardless of where they are from...especially Latins.

Once I saw a pic of Cory and thought it was of me. Maybe Luke will have the same thing happen.