Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Pet

This seemed like a good pet for Japan.  It will only live a few months.

Apparently these giant scarab beetles are all the rage for kids in Japan during the summer.  They are in all the pet stores, home stores, and even Toys R Us, which is where we got ours.  Bear named it Bighorn.  We weren't sure what it was, so we did a little research.  Bighorn is a rhinoceros beetle.  They are the strongest animals on the planet - able to lift 850 times their own weight.  

It's not exactly cute and cuddly, but the boys like it!


christy said...

Tristan wants to come to Japan and visit you and pet your beetle.

Fran said...

Hey! That's a cute name for the beetle. I love his permanent teeth.

William said...

I watched a show in Japan where those beetles competed in tournament of feats of strength.

Samantha said...

Those shows were hilarious. Also, GROSS!!! I hated how all the kids there had those! Don't let him bring it to church please. (Yes that happened.)

Mrs. Mike said...

That's right, Samantha! I think I remember you telling me about a kid bringing his beetle to church! Don't worry - it stays home.

Christy - tell Tristan we would love to have him!