Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not a Blogger

I have been keeping a blog for going on 6 years now.  I've loved doing it all along the way.  I love it as a life-journal, a photo organizer, and a way of keeping up with family and friends that are spread all across the nation (and now the world, in our case).  My best blogging year was 2006.  Perhaps that can be attributed to my then 3 year old Bear, who provided great blogging fodder.  I'm not sure.  But I've never quite reached that pinnacle again.  Still, for several years now I've dreamed of being a SERIOUS blogger.  Food blogs are my favorite, and I wrote awhile ago about wanting to be a food blogger.  As we prepared to move to Japan, I was thinking the time to get serious had come.  When I began my original blog, I couldn't think of a good name for it.  Sometime later my mom reminded me of the book, Mrs. Mike, that I loved as a teenager, and I always thought that if I wanted to get serious about blogging, I would call my blog Mrs. Mike.  So, I started this blog.  And I changed my kid's names, because that is what conscientious blogger parents do.  I didn't have any expectations of becoming a famous blogger, by any stretch of the imagination.  I just thought I would start putting myself out there and trying to make some blog contacts - maybe make some connections with other people in situations like mine.  So, we arrived in Japan.  And......
something happened.  I've lost the spark.  I'm hardly even blogging for my family anymore.  My desire to be a blogger has completely fizzled.  Strange.  But true.

Maybe it will come back.  Maybe the fact that I'm blogging about not wanting to blog says something about my subconsciousness.  We will see.  I'm keeping this blog.  In the meantime, here's a picture of Beaver playing Pokemon.  Don't worry, G&G.  I'll keep up the pictures for the relatives, at least.

This is Bear last Halloween
 And this is Beaver, yesterday.


Fran said...

Whew! I love your blog!

kelsey said...

Find the spark! Living as an ex-pat is a perfect blog niche.